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I teach others how to turn what others consider “trash” into profit. Also I show the resourcefulness and resilience of a woman who loves her husband and children.



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I'm Known Across the World as Mom the Ebayer

Youtube Star, Mom The Ebayer shares her favorite tips and tricks on how to use upcycling to

turn trash into gold.In today’s consumer culture everything is treated as disposable. Despite recent sustainability efforts, there are still large amounts of waste happening daily—sometimes even to perfectly good, brand new items. However, what may seem as trash to others is seen as pure gold in the eyes of YouTube Star, Angel Williams. In FINDING YOUR TREASURE, Angel shares her story of how she has come to rethink value and instead lives by her “trash for profit” philosophy where nothing goes to waste and everything can be recycled to help you and others. 

As a mother of four and Preacher’s wife, Angel views recycling and reusing as more than just a hobby—it’s a part of her moral
philosophy. With her family’s successful Ebay business, she not only rehabs, regifts, and resells items, but often donates to those
who need it most. She believes that repurposing items fit into the Christian mission of her family’s life. And on every dumpster diving adventure, she takes her 156K Youtube followers with her, showing that they are a part of the family too. In FINDING YOUR TREASURE, Angel uses her personal story to show how recycling can lead to a more rich, fulfilling life.  

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